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Lead By Communication

We pride ourselves on our communication with all property owners, tenants, service contractors, and our financial reporting procedures. We have only an energetic and empathetic response to all management issues.


Financial Administration

Daily administration of individual trust accounts in accordance with statutory requirements; Annual Budget preparation for each individual property; Rental invoicing and collection; Review and payment of statutory charges and all operating costs; Monthly Property Statements & Reports detailing all income & expenditure for the period, analysis of actual vs budget performance, and commentary on items of interest pertaining to that period i.e. rent reviews, lease negotiations, maintenance works etc; Quarterly GST reporting and BAS preparation.

Tenant Liaison

ECS Property Group value their working relationship with their tenants. By adopting a sound and positive approach to tenant requirements and establishing meaningful working relationships, we are better prepared to ascertain any areas of concern to the tenant, particularly those that could affect the longer term tenure of desirable tenants at any property under our control.

Lease Management

Ensure all tenants are fully complying with their lease obligations, particularly with regard to timely remittance of rent, recoverable outgoings and their maintenance / OH&S obligations; Provide & maintain an accurate schedule of all approaching lease expiries and rental reviews – and attend to all applicable procedures with regard the implementation of same; Provide a researched recommendation to the building owner on appropriate rental levels for each rental review, noting provisions of the subject lease; Provide a researched recommendation to the building owner on each approaching lease expiry, noting prevailing market conditions, desirability of the subject tenant and appropriate terms and conditions for lease renewal.

Vacancy Control

Negotiate lease renewals with existing tenants in a timely and professional manner; As we focus mainly on our core business we do not provide dedicated leasing services. With regard to any commercial property and the current or future vacant space contained therein, our role is that of a facilitator, contracting to specialist leasing operatives in the subject area to maintain maximum occupancy rates upon acceptable terms. Constant contact is maintained with the appointed operative ensuring our clients’ best interests are being maintained.; (This practise is generally well received as it provides the building owner with unencumbered access to all leasing agencies – not just those aligned to the managing agent).

Risk Management & Compliance

Annual review, tender and implementation of building insurance policies; Ongoing review, tender and implementation of all service contracts with the view to protecting the asset, increasing efficiencies, creating savings for all parties and ensuring that all contract documentation is in a format that fully protects the interests of the building owner; Continually monitor OH&S and Essential Services legislation and ensure strict compliance; Ensure the annual AESMR is prepared as required for each asset under our management.